Katie Lobel
My photographs weave the intricate space between the material and internal habitat of what we call home. I replace knowledge for imagination, history for myth and facts for dreams. I manipulate the circumstances of reality and pair them with a constructed surreal world, creating a seductive universe in which walls, tables, chairs or animals serve as a record of human presence. A world where the repetition of pattern interlaces with architectural elements that may not be structurally possible and hierarchal relationships between object and human are indistinguishable from each other .

Conceptually, story telling, design and color are intrinsic to balance formal elements with the objects and characters that make up those spaces. The work intends to seamlessly create a narrative, prompting the imagination of the individual to fill in details with their own personal narrative. One in which the picture becomes the frame for a private space, a place where our inner selves can glimpse at what we call home.

Welcome home, Darling